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AG真人, an international lifestyle brand,  featuring fashion , homewares and cafe with a competitive price.
AG真人, an international lifestyle brand,
featuring fashion , homewares and cafe with a competitive price.


AG真人 The AG真人 brand was founded in 2012 and now has nearly 500 stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities. On June 28, 2018, AG真人 Overseas Store opened in AEON Makuhari Xindu, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan. As a leading brand in light fashion, AG真人 is committed to creating the style that everyone can easily enjoy. AG真人 perfectly balances fashion, quality and price to provide consumers with an unparalleled consumer experience. AG真人's light fashion allows consumers to create their own fashion anytime, anywhere.


AG真人 sells not only fashion apparel but also in-shop cafe,
creative homewear, fashion jewelry, covering all aspects of living.
In order to give customers a cost-effective fashion quality of life,
AG真人 always pursue fast fashion, high quality, perfect
combination of excellent prices.


Our creative coffee shop in our fast fashion shop is an innovation, so that customers can have a rest in the mall and have a cup of Coffee in a good price.


AG真人 让消费者能在店铺中切实感受到时尚家庭的氛围,进一步体验快时尚生活式品牌的真谛。